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Mr. Wagner and Mr. Boy – Mark Dos Santos

In a plot twist surprising no one, I collect artwork of Hellboy and Nightcrawler being awesome teammates/drinking buddies/half-demon-good-guy-bros. I try to get at least one commission every time I make it to a convention with a half decent artist’s alley. I have too many to share in a single post, so I’ll have to share them one at a time. (I might make one post of all the quick sketchy ones.) To my great shame, I didn’t always get the artist’s name, but I’ll give credit where I can. Starting the collection off with a bang by this great piece by Mark Dos Santos. Fun fact: This had to be mailed to me as he didn’t have time to finish it at the convention, but he threw in a free coloring job. What a cool guy.

That’s one lovely Kurt.

Two of my favs in one drawing!


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