When I first saw the lineart for this, I thought you were going to draw Jonocalypse/Decibel. Honestly kind of bummed that you didn’t >_>

Is it time for some Decibel art, Dirk? I guess it’s been a bit.I was thinking about all the Apocalypse disciples recently. It would be fun to do a group shot. But there have been a lot of Angels of Death…

Any time is a good time for more Decibel, IMO. A group shot of all of the Apocalypse descendents/disciples would be a cool thing to see. I’m still kind of thinking about some kind of short story thing where Jono gathers Clarice and Evan, and all of the other scattered, forgotten bits of Clan Akkaba (including the likes of Abraham Kieros, and other former Horsemen of Apocalypse), and takes the fight to Uriel, Eimin, and Kang directly. Maybe that’s just me, though.

I dunno, I just have a fondness for Decibel!Jono, because New Excalibur #9 was the first paper comic book featuring Jono as a character that I ever personally owned. I liked him as a character before that, and buying that comic book persuaded me to get fully read up on him, which led to my first scan download binge.

I guess, if we get into the Horsemen, then it ends up being a very big pain-in-the-ass drawing. But weirdo Gambit with obsidian skin and white hair might be amusing to draw.

I’ll always like perpetually-exploding-horror-face Jono the best but Decibel has a place in my heart. I just imagine him in a far, far better costume in a much more interesting comic. Gen X was the first X -series I ever got from issue 1 like, as it came out. Maybe that’s why. Or it could be my affinity of dudes in black leather. Or British accents. Or all of that.


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