So I realized that I have kind of been a lazy mobile blogger and have yet to make a huge post about PBN – Pretty Brown and Nerdy!

My friends Cheyenne, Jazmine and I decided to finally collab and create content for us by us. The three of us have been friends for a few years now we bonded by being nerdy black girls! Our similar interests and the lack of representation on youtube really drove us to this point and the fact that we are each enthusiastic about different aspects of nerd culture but we all bond over the same things like cosplay, anime, gaming and convention going. 

Late last year we decided to kick things off and we started working out what we wanted out of our channel and how to go about doing it so now with the start of 2015 we are really ready to do the damn thing. Black Girl Nerds featured us on their blog back in November and we really appreciate their support! 

We currently have six videos out and more are on the way! And out next stop is PAX South in San Antonio, Texas so if you are coming please let us know we will be vlogging and talking to other cosplayers and nerd of color!

Please check us out! 


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