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                                   HEY FOLKS GUESS WHAT

  I’m unemployed! Wow! To say it’s been a crazy couple of weeks is an understatement. And did you know finding a job is actually difficult?? I know, nobody even likes them, why are they so scarce in demand? It’s weird.

  Anyway, this is actually venturing into what I’m feeling is safe to call an “emergency situation,” as in, I’m running on my last couple of bucks for groceries, gas, and god knows rent and other bills. I need some help. So!

  Commissions are open! God, they’re so open, SFW and NSFW! Contact me for my NSFW account, for examples. As said on the bottom, if you’re looking for something not on here, like full-body non-semi-chibi, or something painted, or something more complex, something shaded, even if you’re curious about non-digital mediums, just contact me! Oh my god, contact me! I have very few limits as to what I’ll draw, including NSFW content! Or maybe you’re curious about sketch commissions, SURE, JUST E-MAIL ME!!

  And please, please use my e-mail to contact me, because Tumblr’s system is so faulty and is really hard to keep track of messages through.

  Additionally, if anyone’s feeling like dropping a few bucks, I’m going to set up a donation/tip jar through Paypal, because really, any help I can get, I will take, with great appreciation. My Paypal is the same as my e-mail,

  I really appreciate it and hope it sparks some interest. If you guys are willing to pass this along and reblog it or spread it through word of… mouth… text… That’d really help, too. 


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