We have finished with the students (have we?) and it is time for the teacher, I think this one is my favourite so far. We are using a design Maxime did a while back for a fan art.

Paige is a great character, such an overachiever, so eager to be worthy, so dedicated to reach her full potential, and at the same time so insecure. She could fit any group you put her in. 

This outfit is perfect for her, easy to rip and reveal new shapes. Plus, a detail of her with glasses, just because.

Do you know how to spot good artists? when every character they draw is unique. Paige here, for example, is cute, pretty, but also has the big ears that were the trademark of the Guthries long time ago. She cannot be mistaken for Meggan, Black Canary, or Emma Frost. She is not a random blonde. Maxime rocks.

Design and lineart: Maxime Garbarini

Inks and colour: Me

Today’s mutant is Paige Guthrie a.k.a. HUSK
without a doubt one of top 5 favorite mutants. 
here are cleverly listed some of the reasons why she’s so relatable and yet unique.


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