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Hey, Morning Glories fans! As most of you know next week is NYCC, and once again Nick, Joe and I will be doing Morning Glory Academy Study Hall LIVE! Here’s the details on that:

Title: Morning Glories Study Hall Live!
Date: 10/11/2014
Time: 1:15PM – 2:00PM
Location: 1A05

Speakers: Joe Eisma, Matthew Meylikhov, Nick Spencer

Description: From the hit annotation column on Multiversity Comics, MGA Study Hall Live returns to NYCC! Continuing from last year’s panel, join creators Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma once again as they discuss their hit Eisner-nominated and New York Times Bestselling Image Comics series “Morning Glories” with MGA Study Hall host Matthew Meylikhov, including another in-depth fan favorite live Q&A segment. Questions will be asked, answers will be avoided and all will be well – for a better future.

However, here’s the situation: I know that a lot of you are incredibly passionate fans and wish you could be there but can’t for whatever reason, and I want to make sure that I am representing your thoughts and interests at the panel. I live to serve.

SO! If you can not come to the panel and want to make sure that something is brought up for discourse, now’s your chance to have your voice be heard anyway. Please comment on this post with what you want to see discussed at MGA Study Hall LIVE! this year and I will bring it up. I have a list of topics, but I’m happy to include yours. (You can also e-mail me, if you’d prefer, but commenting on the post will make my life a little easier when it comes to collating everything.)

And yes, we will do a live Q&A again, yes, I promise I am going to try and record it so we can put it online, and yes, I really really promise I won’t screw it up this year.

So send me your questions, and I look forward to seeing a lot of you next week!

Coming this weekend to your ears and eyeballs (if your body is in the right place)

For Morning Glories fans going to NYCC!


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