Pretty much everything that’s wrong with the Jono/Paige relationship in one handy bite-sized chunk.

Paige over-romanticizes.

Jono is a terrible idiot.

(From Generation X #48 by Jay Faerber and Terry & Rachel Dodson.)

I always felt bad for them. It was obvious that they loved each other, but Paige was TOO emotional, and Jono suffered from intense emotional constipation, due to his fear of intimate contact.

Yes this ^

And they were 16. Add all the normal teenage insecurities to the ones these two had and it’s no wonder it never worked out.

actually Jono’s 18-19 here. but somehow after lobdell and Bachalo left the book people forgot that Jono was 2-4 years older than everyone else minus the adults, Leech and Artie

Emotionally constipated at any age, really.

This is true. Jono is the living, flaming personification of emotional constipation because of his self-hate, and more or less untreated depression. 

but that’s why we love him, am I right?

And really, aside of his fear of intimacy, self-hatred, and depression, Jono was otherwise a fairly normal kid for his age at the time. Like…if we look at the AoA version of Chamber, and his relationship with AoA Husk, if they’d caught Jono’s mutation earlier and not had him blow a hole in himself, he might have turned out a little more emotionally balanced and willing to let people in.

Speaking of AoA Chamber, isn’t it sad that the world where everyone else is harder, grittier, and more angsty is the one world where Jono is at his happiest?

AoA Jono isn’t gloomy like 616 Jono but he’s still pretty dark. He kills a lot of people ( like the carriage driver) without batting an eye. So, he might be less outwardly depressed but he’s still imbalanced. But so is everyone else.


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