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As It’s pride month I thought i’d throw out another post about @mothgirlcomic

Moth Girl is about love through metamorphosis, solidarity through change, and the benefit of being a moth when everyone wants you to be a butterfly. – It also has two bisexual main characters! In fact it has a whole cast of LGBT characters!

It’s a slice of life about queer stuff and families, whether adopted/fostered/found!

Al is a grumpy, short, moth enthusiast living at home with their mum and sister and works at the local mechanic shop doing their accounts and payroll. They’re hopelessly in love with Rhette and doesn’t know if the feeling is mutual. You have to be level 10 friendship to unlock Al’s tragic backstory.

Rhette is new to the mechanic shop, having been there little over a week when our story starts. He’s currently living with his two best friends having been kicked out for ‘liking men’. He also really likes cowboys and is working his way up to Al’s level 10 friendship. The feeling is also mutual.

@mothgirlcomic is currently at 2 chapters with 40 pages. I’m working on Chapter 3 at the moment and i’m hoping to start posting new pages in a few weeks!

This project was originally started by myself and Maggie aka @anightvaleintern who died in february very unexpectedly. I decided to carry on the comic for her and so none of her hard work goes to waste. So now it’s just me with input from various friends so it’s taking a little bit longer than it would have. 

(Currently Tapastic updates once a chapter is complete so if you prefer to hoard pages and read it all at once then that might be a better option!)

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