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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stickers for sale, using original artwork by myself!

Twilight measures 7” across and all stickers in the top image are proportional to size.

The line around them represents how they are cut out, they are high performance vinyl with a matte lam.  They can safely be put on most things, with a lifespan of 1-2 years outdoors.

Each sticker is $2 apiece or the whole set for $12, plus $2 shipping for each address shipped to.

If you would like to make an order contact me at and I’ll get you set up right away!



The ‘help’ i’m still poor edition:

  • ‘Chibi’: $12
  • Head Shot: $25
  • Bust Up: $30
  • Line Art (Full Body): $35
    (no background)
  • Coloured Full Body: $40
    (no background)
  • Full Illustration: $50
    Which includes background ect.
  • Additional Character: $10 each.

Won’t Do:
– Gore
– Anthro (I’m not not very good at it? Tails/ears/Mutants are a-ok though)
– Porn


– Prices are non negotiable.
– Paypal only and I take money upfront.
– Delivery of a high-res image between 2-8 weeks. (The more complicated, the longer it’ll take ect)
– I post wips on my blog unless it’s gift art or chibis. I try and keep updated with wips for feedback.
– Send me a note on here or email me at:

More examples can be found on my website or my illustration blog. (Which i update more often)




i just walked into my basement to find hundreds of dollars worth of art supplies that i absolutely need destroyed, falling apart, and covered in mold from a sudden leak in my basement which came from a pipe in the basement floor =/

it was shit ton of high quality canson & strathmore paper for drawing, watercolor, drafting, etc as well as illustration board meant for painting, and my 2 large (and only) cutting boards, as well as the portfolio i use to carry stuff around in

THIS STUFF ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. it’s essential to me as illustrator. i can’t do my job without these things. luckily i still have sketchbooks and digital media but at the very least i NEED to replace those cutting boards ASAP and those alone will cost over $100 probably =/ 

i’m going to make another commission post for really cheap ones after i package this recent shop order but in the mean time if you could check out and reblog my current commissions post, and various shops posts in my fanart tag, that would be really helpful