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Yep. That’s the main reason I’m drawn to it.

Well, they can be gotten for pretty cheap. I’ve seen a range of 50-60 USD. They do tend to spike after 6 months or so though. I really regret not buying Rogue when I had the chance. A 60 dollar statue is now selling for hundreds. That’s my cautionary tale on waiting too long to decide if you want something or not.

I can’t decide whether I like that statue or not. On one hand it’s cute as and is Jubilee, on the other hand, it’s a bit… cheesecakey.

Well, the whole Bishoujo line is pretty cheesecake-y. I rather love it, honestly. But I have several of them. She’s going on a shelf next to my Psylocke figure 😀

Jubes has so little merch it’s nice to see a statue of her for once.