Hello everyone! I could use some help to pay for some last minute inconveniences in my house, the electric kind. In return, I offer you this commission chart with the following details:

  • Before sending any mail, please send your questions via IM first.
  • Standard format: A4.
  • Sketches’ base quantity is 1 to 2 characters. The extra charge will apply from 3 and up.
  • The pose sheet will have a base quantity of 3 full poses and 1 detail.
  • Pose sheets will allow just 1 character by default. 
  • Pairings in portraits will be charged with extra 50% from your base price.
  • Your mail should include: visual references, along with the most important attributes of your character. If there’s a pose that you consider especially relevant in your commission, please let me know.
  • I reserve the right to reject your commission.
  • The finished works will be published as watermarked low-res samples on both this blog and @rubedoodles , my sketch sideblog. Your mail will include a psd and a png archive without the watermark.
  • CURRENT SLOTS: 8 for sketches, 3 for pose sheets and 2 for portraits.

Thank you so much in advance! Signal boosting this post is highly encouraged.

NR ❤


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