So, as many of you know, I had a somewhat frightening experience that landed me in the hospital on thursday. In expectation of what I expect to be a fairly significant ER bill
thanks to 4 MRIs, I am opening up for a limited round of commissions. ^_^;

If you dig my work and have ever wanted me to write or draw something very
specific for you, but were afraid to ask, now may be that opportunity.  

To be up front, I  will not write or draw rape, vore,
extreme gore, or anything even remotely sexy or violent with underage
characters. ^_^ ( I potentially will make exception on the gore on any
Devil May Cry requests.  Potentially). 

For all requests, if it’s an OC, i will need a
combination written description plus screen shots, and/ or face claim
(if no screens or face claim available, just be as detailed as possible
in your write up.)

To get a slot, please message me with your email address, and I will contact you for project details and paypal info. In the unlikely event slots fill up, I will create a waiting list.

Art commissions (final art will include one 300 dpi JPG)

10 bust slots

$25 line art+15 per extra character (up to 2)
$45 simple shading+25 per extra character (up to 2)
$75 full shading+45 per extra character (up to 2)

5 torso slots

$35 line art+20 per extra character (up to 2)
$55 simple shading+30 per extra character (up to 2)
$85 full shading+50 per extra character (up to 2)

2 full body slots

$45 line art+35 per extra character (up to 2)
$65 simple shading+45 per extra character (up to 2)
$95 full shading+65 per extra character (up to 2)

+ 10 per elaborate/highly detailed props or complex character armour.
Simple swords and/or guns are free 😉
No charge for simple gradation backgrounds on request.

Bespoke wordsmithery (final piece will be an RTF file)

5 slots: ficlet

$50: no less than 100 and no more than 300 words

The fine print:

Payment due at rough sketch. If you must cancel, you can do it at this stage.

For any “adult” requests, you will need to provide proof you’re over 18.

Commissions will go in order received. All art commissions will receive one rough layout proof, one sketch proof, and one round of edits. Colour commissions will receive one flat colour proof as well.

Ficlet commissions will receive an outline prior to beginning.


Busts and Torso slots are still open! ^_^

(4) Torso and (10) bust slots opens. ^_^

So i’ll be flogging this for a bit. I still have torso and bust slots open (as well as fic slots).

If you think “dang, I SUPER want a full body slot”- please message me. If I don’t fill up the others, I’ll convert some to full body ones ^_^

And thank you everyone who’s boosted this – it means a lot. ^_^;;


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