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Bad news: due to my my permanent disability, I am unable to work as many hours as necessary to pay my rent, nor can I make cosplay props to sell because of how bad my hands are getting. Selling wigs & cosplay items to pay rent HERE.

Good news: I still have all the know how to make costumes on a budget and I can pass on those skills to you! Introducing Justice Cosplay Consulting.

Offering cosplay advice, coaching, item sourcing & complete breakdowns of the how-tos of costuming. Do you have a cosplay idea but not sure where to begin? Email me at Be sure to include:

1. Name of character you are cosplaying & where they are from
2. Several clear images of the character
3. What your budget is
4. What your skill level is. Can you sew? Good with a glue gun? Let me know!
5. What your deadline is. When do you need this costume done?

I will provide a complete plan describing how I would do the costume, including where to get all supplies within your budget. With 5 years of cosplay experience, hand crafting over 50 costumes, I am confident that I can use my knowledge to help you! I will send detailed sketches with directions and also communicate over Skype to be sure you have everything you need to succeed. Fee: $25/hour. Only Paypal accepted. Payment required before consult.

If you don’t need cosplay help or supplies but would like to help me anyhow, please share this post! If you want to help but don’t want to buy anything, the donate button is on the top left of my blog. Thanks everyone!



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