One novel, three novellas & a short story collection! My collection of published books continues to grow! And since The Candlemaker’s Merman just came out, you know what that means: A new cover photoset! 😀

So without further ado:

Obligatory Shameless Links Where You Can Buy My Books: 

 Amazon * Nook * Kobo * Scribd * Gumroad * Oyster * iBooks

Other Places You Can Support:

Patreon * Goodreads

Real talk, though – I have to borrow money this upcoming month to make my next car payment and it’s been made very clear that’s not an option for the month after. I’m not selling enough books to maintain a car payment, let alone my health & car insurance payments. I don’t want to lose my car; I’m like 5 payments away from paying it off for good, and the thought of losing it now after all these years of payments terrifies me.

I really, really would appreciate a reblog if you can spare it. My books are good. I know they’re good. I believe 100% their sales can pay my bills, and I’m working so hard to get even more out for sale as fast as I possibly can.

I just need more people to see them. I almost hate asking this way, because I do believe they can sell on their own merit, but it takes time and it’s time I suddenly don’t have. So thank you for any sort of support you can give me, whether it’s checking a book out, reviewing, helping out on Patreon, or just reblogging this post so more people can know the books exist.

Thank you!

I can totally vouch for Greyliliy being a fantastic author, and I really recommend Children of Hephaestus if you like horror or explorations of the boundaries between robot and person.  It’s gripping and creepy and awesome.

I second that about CoH it’s good


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