My wife and I as Beast and Mystique from our day at our local library’s Comic Book Festival. ^^

These were fun ones, but extraordinarily difficult to put together. Not only did we have to paint ourselves blue, but we also had to go the extra mile on a load of other parts of these cosplays. 

To start off, these cosplays require about 3 hours of make-up each. All of the prosthetics are handmade from scratch including the facial hair and hand hair tufts and both Beast and Mystique’s nails. Both wigs are custom dyed – Mystique’s with acrylic ink and Beast’s with acrylic and spraypaint. Beast’s claws were formed and fitted from oven bake clay and painted and the visible portion of the shoulder was done with acrylic paint on fabric. Mystique’s bodysuit was custom airbrushed and each scale was individually laid in puff paint. Each scale on Mystique’s face is also puff paint and must be done during make-up each time the costume is put on. The blue body paint is all airbrush acrylic ink, as well.

For Beast’s costume, I had to do a lot of altering to get the jacket to fit as though I had grown into it. And since my sewing machine at the time wasn’t able to go through the thick denim, I had to glue most of it. It was a pain in the butt. xDD

Mystique is my wife, Sniperplushie on Instagram 

and I am Beast, MilesYagami on Instagram 

Really great work!


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