I forgot to put this up on the 4th . 

This is one of my favorite cats from the Sacramento County Animal Shelter in CA. His name is Bear. He has been at the shelter for about 2 months and I dont know WHY.

This cat is the manliest cat , huge, cuddly, but with the squeak like a mouse. He will stand down a dog, follow you everywhere , and basically be your best friend. Look at that mustache.

He dosnt like dogs tho. But he will make up for it by being your dog instead lol. He is pretty good with other cats though. 

So if you or anyone you know wants a great companion teddybear cat and lives in the Sacramento CA area (or willing to come here to get him) he is still here waiting. (as of 11:30am 7/17/2015)

BTW Fridays is $5 for any cat over 1yr old , and Bear qualifies. It includes his surgery and shots

Shelter Website

Bears Page (you may need to scroll up, dont know why it does that)



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