While Grant Morrison was revolutionizing with his New X-Men, which actually became the flagship X-Title at the time, and fan favorite Chris Claremont was starting a book all of his own in X-Treme X-Men; the longest standing of mutant books, Uncanny X-Men, pretty much went under the radar, being the least celebrated of the three X-Men books during the revamping of the mutant line following the success of the first movie.
Although he didn’t create as much buzz as his contemporaries, Joe Casey brought some pretty interesting ideas to the X-Mythology, such as a mutant prostitute joining the team and Chamber graduating from Generation Xer to full-fledged X-Man.
In a moment in which I’m going over one of my favorite periods of X-Men history, I couldn’t leave this X-Corps TPB, which collects Uncanny X-Men #394-409, out!

Wait. Did Eaglemoss make a Chamber figure and I didn’t know?!


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