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my bff plumbunny​ has a big dental emergency and absolutely no money to pay for it. the bill is going to come to nearly $1000 usd, and i’ve been big into drawing on this pack of 3×5 index cards, so i’m going to start doing commissions in support of her.

all commissions will be 1 character done in marker on 3×5 index cards

full color – $20
partial color – $15
black and white – $10
1 (one) extra character – $10
+ shipping costs (if you would like it mailed to you)

because 100% of any profits are going to plumbunny​, i’m willing to draw just about anything! from fanart to original characters, portraits, pets, nsfw or gory, different styles, and even in fandoms i’m not necessarily involved in. 

below the read more is information pertaining contacting me, payment, and current commission slots that are open. thank you so much for taking the time to read!

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(details below the read more!)

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