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My Desktop is on its last legs and I am going to need to get a new one in the near future. I have a laptop for basics in the meantime but it is not very useful for programs like PS.  So I hope this might help me with that a little. 

If you could pass this along too, that would be helpful. (please reblog )


1. Only one character per commission please

2. Transparent backgrounds only 

3. I don’t do porn or frontal nudity (note my bamfs are naked but don’t have anatomy) 

4. I can decline anyone for any reason 

5. I will work fast as I can but please be patient (computer issues may hinder work)

6. Clothing and details may be simplified

I am choosing to do chibis and pokemon because they are things I am fastest at. Poses will likely be fairly simple. 

Message me here, Deviantart, Weasyl

or email :

4 slots Available 

PAYPAL only please (sorry i forgot this important bit)

signal boost!


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