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Hi y’all! 

I recently got out of a bad living situation and moved into a new apartment on my own, and as everyone and their dog already knows, living is expensive. So I thought I’d open up for some simple sketch commissions to help offset some of my utilities and public transit expenses. 

I’m offering $5 hips-up sketch commissions, + $3.75 for each additional character you’d like included, up to 5 characters per single drawing. open for as many slots as there is interest, and I’ll draw just about anything, except highly NSFW content. I’m comfortable with pin-up style pieces and tasteful nudity, but I’m not super comfortable going beyond that at the moment. 

You can find some additional examples of my sketches [here], [here], and [here].

I’ll be open for as many slots as there is interest, so if you’d like to commission a piece please send me a tumblr message with 1) an email address I can contact you at for specific details and payment info, and 2) the # of characters you’d like included. 

Thanks a ton! 


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