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I’ve been going through some old folders of things found on the web over many years (back when storage media were expensive so you hoarded what interested you because you never knew how long it might be there for). 

So I have NO idea where this appparently genuine sketch by the legendary (one way or the other) Rob “X-Force” Liefeld of Warlock and Doug Ramsey. (The disporopotionately tiny hands and complete absence of feet lends credence to this being a real Liefled) came from.

Doug appears to be in his late 20’s in this image for some reason.

Weird thing is…that’s really not a bad Warlock. Terrible Cypher, but I’ve definitely seen worse takes on ‘Lock in published comics.

Doug looks about 40 years old. But Liefeld can’t draw teenagers to save his life. Which is funny since X-Force was about teenagers…


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