anyone in the atlanta area want a free black cat?

my friend is moving and she’s been feeding a cat that comes around her back door and begs for affection

this beauty goes by “mousey” and is incredibly sweet, to the point of demanding attention, running up to you meowing and tail vibrating, and rubbing on you so hard that she’ll lift up off her front paws


  • she is a territorial pee’er (which means she’d need to be an only cat, or an outdoor cat with extremely good care—i’d prefer to get her a home for the former rather than the latter)
  • she’ll need a vet checkup, de-fleaing and a full round of vaccinations
  • she’s very demanding for attention, not a laid back kitty

as she’s a black cat and they’re my fave, i’d take her in but i am literally homeless and currently can’t even care for the cats i already have; they’re living with family until we can get a place of our own.

send me an ask if you’re interested, or know someone who might be

even a signal boost would be appreciated


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