Amazing X-men #13

• Anole’s deepest fears are unleashed on the streets of New York City!

• Can Nightcrawler and Northstar break through to him before they rip him apart?

Don’t ask me what Rocket and Groot are there for it’s probably a plug

This looks like fun!! Two of my favs teaming up (and what could be more fun than the ever sassy Nightcrawler with the ever snarky Northstar? Of course I can’t think of any particular time they had a great interaction, even in the Dark Days of Austen’s run when they were on the same team… but fanficcers have done it awesomely which gives me hope).

And not only that, we get an Anole story! With Rockslide! Anole is one of my fave of the New X-men gen and yeah, it’s a predictable choice to stick him with Crawler and Northstar for obvious reasons. Then again, predictable though it is, this may be the first time it’s actually happened since Marvel almost always sidesteps what makes sense for “just let Wolverine rescue them with his usual tough love and 100-year-old wisdom, why should we let any other characters develop relationships and shit”

Other things:

  • Nightcrawler has earrings OMG LET HIM KEEP THEM (or just one, guys are so hot with one earring)
  • When will Marvel women get over their fear of boob-covering shirts
  • JP getting a massage from a hot dude and sipping wine is the image of him I will take with me to the grave

Hooray! This should be fun.

Kurt rocked a single gold hoop in the 90’s to go with his pirate-y outfit. I think he had one in the beginning of Amazing X-Men when they were in Heaven too.


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