You know what would be neat? If Jono had this sort of clear polycarbonate mask that held in his flames but gave his lower face shape- so you could still see the psi-fire but it would be contained. It could even have a blaster like his contraption from the AoA- but it wouldn’t weigh a ton. Seriously. That thing must have been so uncomfortable. How the hell did he sleep with it on?

Assuming that he did sleep (I continue to cling tightly to the headcanon that Jono doesn’t actually sleep, and you will pry it from my cold, dead fingers), probably not very well until he got used to it.  Of course, once he reached that point, he probably wouldn’t think about it at all.

Yeah, I mean, he doesn’t really have any other normal bodily functions so it’s entirely possible he also doesn’t require sleep anymore either. He might sort of…meditate? Being up 24/7 would get old rather quickly.

They knew what his power was going to be before it manifested so he had to be strapped into that thing ahead of time and then just wait for his body to explode. I just realized how incredibly fucked up that is.

“Incredibly fucked up” sounds about right for both the AoA universe and for the Starsmores.

I’m pretty sure he was the most well adjusted X person during the AoA- all things considered. 616 Chamber is way more messed up- though less trigger happy with his powers.

I feel like it really just better shows how incredibly messed up everyone in the AoA universe was when Jono — even that version, who really is less of a hot mess than regular Jono — is one of the more well adjusted characters.  Not that we really got to see that much of everyone, since AoA Colossus threw them all under the bus for AoA Illyana.

Proving, of course, that Piotr is a douche in every possible universe.


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