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Old school ricstar doodle from a couple nights ago.

“Let me look.” Rictor said, hands hovering just above the surface of Shatterstar’s skin. “You took a pretty nasty round to the face.”

“I am.. I am fine, Rictor.” Shatterstar rumbled, eyes closing at the ghost of a touch. He was shaking, and at first, Rictor thought it was his own powers vibrating back at him.

He tilted his head up to look at the gouge on the other man’s face, muscle and flesh knitting right before his eyes, leaving pale skin and the darker stain of the star covering his eye in it’s wake. It was horrific and fascinating all at once, and mesmerised by the sight, Ric was only vaguely aware of ‘Star’s own hesitant hands coming to rest at his waist.

“Does it hurt?” Rictor murmured, thumb gently touching the place where the wound had been moments before. It was so strange, this new intimacy they were shambling towards. Too strange to name the brief touches when no one was looking, fumbling gropes in the dark, sweaty and silent except for the gasps bit off in each other’s mouths.

“Pain is irrelevant.” ‘Star’s fingers twitched at his waist. “I was raised to…”

Rictor’s fingers trailed through ‘Star’s hair. So soft for someone with so many hard edges. “It does, doesn’t it. Every time you take a hit for me. Every time you get up when you get stabbed, when you get shot. when..”

“It hurts.” ‘Star breathed the words, nervous hands settling for a moment, tracing the packs at Rictor’s belt. “Every time.”

Rictor’s thumb paused and he lifted on his toes. The kiss burned. Chapped lips on stubbled, hot skin. “Don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you.” Ric gazed up at him through slitted eyes.

“I believe you, Julio.” ‘Star murmured back, but he didn’t dare look back.

Have I told you lately that I love you? ❤


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