So if the Fox live-action X-Men show is, as rumored, a take on X-Factor, I wonder if that means we’ll be seeing Doug in the main cast. Because you really can’t get a power lower in SFX costs than cunning linguist/hacker extraordinaire…

Wait so they cancel the book and then make a show about it? That makes about as much sense as DC cancelling Deathstroke’s book right as they were releasing a sh*t ton of  merch for him and putting him in all their new cartoons and games.

Of course, now they’re relaunching that series since they probably realized that folks who watch him in Arrow, played him in Injustice and Arkham Origins, and bought a bunch of his new figures might actually enjoy reading a comic about him.

Perhaps X-Factor will enjoy a similar relaunch?. Or won’t get cancelled after all? Now I’m just being way too optimistic. Though Fox/Marvel is rarely a great combination. I’m sure they’ll just call it X-Factor and it will be a bunch of random characters. Or some other actor playing Wolverine because he has to be in everything. I guess they could do Jamie. That’s an easy trick. Certainly won’t have Darwin in it as they already killed him > : |


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