I am sensing a pattern

Sleeping with that giant arm would be a real pain. Do you think he pokes holes in his mattress?

Sometimes I want to remove my skinny arms because they get in the way of my resting. I can only imagine how challenging must be to sleep with that gargantuan arm, but I am actually more worried about the spikes on his head, the spikes go all the way to the back of his head. Which mean he must sleep with the head on a side, with a neck pillow or with a really good pillow? And since he can’t sleep over his right arm, he rest on his left side ALL THE TIME.

Now I am thinking in the sleeping habits of mutants? How low have I fallen into this?

I’m gonna guess he’s not a cuddler. Add Vic to the list of dangerous bed fellows. Kevin Ford wins first place, followed in short order by Rogue.

And I ponder this stuff all the time.


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