[X-Men: Legacy #264]


I will never forgive Marvel for never following up on this…

and now theyre giving his class over to Spiderman…


Really? Peter is going to be teaching Coping with Physical Changes? The guy who looks 100% normal? And isn’t a mutant?

I mean, if they’re gonna have a non-mutant professor teach that class shouldn’t it be, like, Deadpool or something? I realize he’s a bit…unstable but he likes kids and he certainly can’t blend in with the ‘normals’. Also, if they let Fantomex teach (you know, the guy who shot a child point-blank in the head?) surely Deadpool can be on the staff.

Though I can’t really imagine him teaching them anything. Wade would just bring his class to Taco Bell every day and gossip about Cable. And he’d still be a better professor than Wolverine.


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