pet drama under the cut

My cat had a routine exam about a month ago. They mentioned they thought one of his teeth looked like it was in rough shape and might need to get pulled. So I had blood work done and signed him up for a dental exam.

Fast forward to yesterday. That one tooth that ‘might’ need to pulled turned out to be 7 that had to be pulled. They had to shave both his legs to get an IV in so he’s got a very unflattering haircut and now he only has one incisor of the four left and he’s missing four of his back teeth. Of course, you can’t feed them before surgery so he came home at 5:30 last night and hadn’t eaten anything since about 9pm the night before. He was famish and managed to eat and drink some despite the state of his mouth.

This morning his poor face was so swollen and his drool was all bloody ( they told me it probably would be). He tried to eat but wasn’t terribly successful. Then he just laid on the bed while I bawled like a baby. I gave him the prescribed pain meds (which he takes no problem) but I wish I could do more. I’m at work now fretting about him. I was worried about them pulling just one tooth. Now I wish it was just one.


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