Is anyone reading that Original Sin stuff? I’m several issues behind in Uncanny and All New X-Men.

I’m happy to say I’ve caught up with everything else.

Hell no, I’m so confused by it all to be honest.  I’m beginning to regret restarting my X-Men collection.  I mean, the original X-Men hung out with Wolvie and his crew, disliking Cyclops posse because they insisted they return home and didn’t want to be controlled.  Now, that they can’t return home…they’ve switched sides because…it doesn’t matter that they wanted to control their decisions because they can’t now…???  Does this make any sense to anyone?  Anyone?  No?  The recent scene between Jean and older Scot was pretty sweet though and I like baby Scot traveling the universe with his Pop.

X-Men is so weird.

I feel like the teen!X-Men thing sorta ran is course a while ago but I keep reading because…I don’t even know. I guess there’s still a curiosity there. Also, the art is nice to look at. But, at this point, I’m several issues behind because I’m more invested in other things. It’s still on my pull list though. *shrug*

Just read some X-Factor and enjoy Gambit being half dressed or only covered by a sheet (or some word balloons).


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