The Archtypes

copyright/by Kristin Boucher and Phil Amara

Hook: This is an un-superhero book that commends the genre’s traditions without distorting them. This is an exploration and character study that examines a quiet facet of superheroes. Think of it more like theater than spectacle. While some comics series have dabbled in this playground, there hasn’t been a series dealing intelligently with the quality of superheroes quite like The Achetypes. It is a thoughtful, cerebral counterpoint to the bombast of the genre.

Plot: A reporter interviews the members of one of the last living superhero groups living on the East Coast. A virus is wiping them out, and with no cure in sight, their fabled lives are documented.

Rogalian: able to set himself ablaze
Wist: able to learn via osmosis
Agonarch: the telepath
Hideous: the sea monster
Gleimous: the metamorph
Hark: multi-limbed and super sensory
Camisade: the night-shrouded crime prowler
Vellicle: the claw-fingered brute
Boron: the invincible powerhouse
Nathan Fox: the reporter that will chronicle the lives of the heroes
Privign: Nathan’s daughter, with a secret of her own

Suggested format: Standard four issues mini-series, 32 pages per, with a graphic novel collection to follow

Terms: TBD

Territory: TBD

Rights: The Archetypes copyright Phil Amara and Kristin Boucher. All rights reserved.

Bios: Kristin Boucher is a newcomer on the scene, inspired by the likes of Chris Bachalo. Phil Amara is the creator of Sky Ape and the Nevermen and worked too long in the comics industry to bore you with the details.